Father Mychcal Judge, Chaplin N.Y.F.D., rushed into the World Trade Center with firefighters. As he administered last rites to a fatally injuried firefighter, he was struck by falling debris. "Father Mike" died instantly
from the injuries he received. >
David Charlebois was a Pilot and First Officer of American Airlines Flight 77. David was among those killed as their airliner piloted by a hijacker crashed into the Pentagon, Washington D.C.

DC Neighborhood Mourns Loss of Gay Pilot. The community was shattered when American Airlines Flight 77, which Charlebois served as co-pilot was hijacked by terrorists who deliberately crashed it into the Pentagon.
Mark Bingham was among those heroic people on United Airlines Flight 93. Learning the hijackers intended plans, these brave souls sacrificed their own lives to save others. They succeeded in their
decision these animals would not
reach their intended target. >
David and his wife, Lynn Angell, were among the passengers
on American Airlines Flight 11, the first airliner hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center north tower. David was  such a great help with our Stop Dr Laura Protest Movement
and very good friend to the gay community. His efforts were instrumental in generating supporters. He will be missed so
very much by all of us with Stop Dr Laura. We are forever grateful for his contributions in helping us to succeed in our campaign to hold her accountable for the pain her ugly and
cruel attacks on Gay and Lesbians had caused.

David and Lynn will be in our thoughts and our prayers always.
David Angell, 54, of Pasadena, California, was the creator and executive producer of the hit NBC sitcom "Frasier." A native of West Barrington, Rhode Island, Angell entered the Army after graduating from college and served at the Pentagon until 1972.
Related Article on Victims
*Washington Post: Pentagon Crash Claims Gay Pilot & First   Officer & Gay Rugby Player Helped Stop Hijackers.
*MountainPride: GLBT Impact Continues.
*LGBT Resource Center:  About Heros and History.
*Independent Gay Forum: Activism After September 11.
*Bluway.com: What Makes a Gay Hero.
*New York Times: Passenger on Jet: Gay Hero or Hero Who  Was Gay?
*Gaywired: Sept. 11 Especially Hurt Gay Community
Surviving partners must struggle without support of society.
Articles, Press Releases & Profiles:
Brief Profiles: On known gay victims of terrorist attacks on United States Tuesday, September 11, in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.
View Profiles of the Victims.  Washington Blade.
Father Mychal Judge
"Father Mike's" Furneral Service was one of the first of the victims of the Terrorist Attack. Here are the images of his September 15th. service.
[Opens new window, to return to this page close window. Link on page will bring you to TBC WTC 2, A ay of Prayer & Remembrace US and World.]

September 28: Media lauds fallen chaplain as hero, ignoring that he was also a gay man.
Washington Blade Article.

September 27:
Tributes keep flowing for NYFD. Chaplain Mychal Judge, one of those who died in the World Trade Center attacks. Bay Windows

Mark Bingham
Alice Hoglan, mother of Mark Bingham, and Sen. John McCain struggle with their emotions at a Sept. 22 memorial service.
McCain: I may owe my life to Mark Bingham
United Airlines Flight 93 passenger Mark Bingham got to meet Sen. John McCain last year during McCain's presidential bid  and the normally apolitical Bingham liked what he saw in McCain: a willingness to fight for principles. The tables are turned in a sad irony as it's now McCain who considers Bingham his personal hero for taking on the suicide hijackers who commandeered the plane that would eventually crash in PA.

Bay Windows~ Sept 27: "Sen. John McCain: I may owe my life to Mark Bingham".
Miami Herald~ Sept 27:  "Sen. McCain eulogizes gay man's `enormous courage".
Planet Out News~ Sept 24:  "Sen. McCain pays tribute to Mark Bingham". [Articles]
Eulogy in Honor of Mark Bingham Delivered by Senator John McCain. [McCain Press Release].

                                 Planet Out News~ Articles.
                                 Sept. 21: "Ashcroft praises crash victims as heroes". 
                                 Sept. 17: "Senators seek honors for hijack spoilers".
             The San Francisco Fog ~ Rugby Football Club's Tribute to Mark Bingham.
             OutSports.Com ~ Several Excellent Articles on Mark, Tributes and His Life..
Sept 13: CNN Video Clip: Alice Hoglan, Mark's Mom, Talks About His Call From Airliner. View Video.
Oct 18: CNN Video Clip: Hero (Mark) Hboard Doomed Airliner Defies Gay Stereotypes. View Video.
Jan 18: New York Times: Passenger on Jet: Gay Hero or hero Who Was Gay? Article.
Father Judge, Died a Hero´s Death.
Sept 19: The National Catholic Register
posted thisinterview with New York City Police Detective Steven McDonald, a close friend of
Father Mike. He shares his feelings and a look
into the special person Father Mike was.

Fr. Mychal Judge, OFM, 1933 - 2001
Sept 19: The Holy Name Province article on the passing of Father Mike.

Sept 15: CNN Video of Funeral FDNY Chaplain Rev. Mychal "Father Mike" Judge. View Video.
NYFD Chaplin Mychal "Father Mike" Judge 1933 ~ 2001
American Airlines Pilot & First Officer David Charlebois
Hero, Son and Rugby Star Mark Bingham
Daniel Brandhorst, Ronald Gamboa & Their Son David Gamboa-Brandhorst
Daniel Brandhorst, 42, and Ronald Gamboa, 33, lived in a home perched on the lip of a canyon in the Hollywood Hills with their adopted 3-year-old son. They were returning from a vacation in Boston and Cape Cod. The couple had been together for 14 years. Brandhorst was the serious one, the lawyer and accountant, twho dreamed of becoming a professor. Gamboa, 33, was the happy-go-lucky one, the beloved manager of a Gap store in Santa Monica, the family man with a glint of mischievousness in his eye and an ever ready arsenal of jokes. If Gamboa's sister or friend said "Isn't that cute" about a puppy or "Isn't that beautiful" about a sunset, Gamboa would retort: "What am I?"
Both had moved from small towns--Brandhorst from Liverpool, N.Y., Gamboa from Anchorage, Ky.-- to New York City, where they met. They moved to Los Angeles a few years later when Brandhorst was transferred to another office of his company, Pricewaterhouse- Coopers. They loved to travel around the world, hang out with a close group of friends and visit family. They lavished attention on the blue-eyed 3-year-old they adopted as an infant and named after Daniel's brother David.

Articles from assorted Online News Services.
David Brandhorst, 3, &
Loving Father Ronald Gamboa. (AP photo) >
Executive Producer of Frasier TV Show David Angell
Friend & Dedicated Member of Our StopDrLaura Protest Movement.
Renee Barrett

Announcement on Metropolitan Community Church of New York Web Site http://www.mccny.org/
October 14th, 2001 at 2am {EST} Renee Barrett, life partner of Enez Cooper and member of Metropolitan Community Church of New York, died of injuries received in the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. Renee was an employee with Cantor Fitzgerald Firm, and was in Tower 1 at the time of the attacks. Though critically burned she escaped the building prior to its collapse, had been hospitalized at Cornell Presbyterian. She is survived not only by Enez, but by her 18-year-old son, Eddie, who lived with them, her biological brother, and several extended family members. Funeral & memorial arrangements are pending.
Many members and friends of UFMCC from around the globe sent cards, contributed funds, and prayed for Renee, Enez and their family. We sincerely thank you, and ask your continued prayerful support, especially for Enez and Eddie, in the days and weeks ahead. Condolences may be sent to Enez Cooper ICO Metropolitan Community Church of N.Y. info@mccny.org.

May God continue to bless us all.

October 17: 911 Claims Another Victim. 365Gay.Com Article.
As the nation mourns the thousands presumed dead in the terrorist attacks last week, family and friends will remember Plaistow resident Carol Flyzik.

  Carol was one of the 92 passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 11 who died when hijackers crashed the plane into one of the World Trade Center towers in New York City.
  Carol, 40, is the latest New Hampshire victim of the terrorist attack to be remembered.
Carol Flyzik
He worked in insurance and engineering before selling a script for a TV series in 1977. In 1983, David joined the very popular TV series "Cheers" as a staff writer and began working with co-supervising producers Peter Casey and David Lee. This team formed a production company, creating and producing "Wings" in 1990 and "Frasier" in 1993. The trio won 24 Emmys.

David and Lynn Angell, 45,  were returning from a wedding on the East Coast to attend
the Emmy Awards.

TV Guide, BBC, Fox News, CBS News Articles.
Peggy Neff (right) her partner of 18 years, Sheila Hein, who was killed Sept. 11 attack on the Pentagon.  (photo Lynn Rosenberg)
Sheila Hein
Hein worked at the Pentagon for the last five years as a visual information specialist for the Army and had only recently changed jobs. She was at the Pentagon Tuesday taking part in an Army internship, studying manpower analysis. A native of Springfield, Mass., she joined the Navy after high school and was sent to Virginia. She spent 10 years in the service as a photographer, married twice, and ventured into a career in computer graphics, working on government contracts.

Hein received a bachelor's degree from Columbia Union College three years ago after taking courses on and off for 20 years. "She decided it was time to finish it," Neff told the Post. She planned to get a master's degree.

Hein belonged to a steam train club, loved to read, and recently convinced Neff that they should buy bicycles and ride together.

"Sheila is  was  the love of my life," Neff told the Montgomery County, Md., Gazette last Wednesday. "She loves life and she likes people and I pray to God she's still alive."
Pentagon Analyst Gave 'A Whole Lot of Love'
Sheila Hein, was an analyst, was working for the
U.S. Army's management and budget office in the
Pentagon when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed
into it last Tuesday. Hein, 51, is still missing.
Hein lived with her partner of 17 years, Peggy Neff, in University Park, Md. They bought a house there seven years ago as a "fixer-upper" and turned the back yard into their "own private park," Neff told the Washington Post. "She is what this yard is. There's a whole lot of love here," Neff said.
David Gamboa-Brandhorst 3,  With Loving Father's Danial Brandhorst and Ronald Gamboa. 
Onboard United Airlines Flight 175 were life partners of 10 years, Daniel Brandhorst and Ronald Gamboa. With them was their 3 year-old adopted son David. Tragicly taken as hijackers crashed into the World Trade Center.
'Brilliant Boy and a Brilliant Man'

Graham Berkeley, 37, a native of England who lived in Boston, boarded United Airlines Flight 175 on Sept. 11 on his way to a conference in Los Angeles. He died when the plane, the second hijacked airliner to crash into the World Trade Center.

Graham's parents, Charles and Pauline Berkeley, still live in England and watched the crash on television, although it took eight hours to confirm that their son had been on the plane.

"We had seen the fireball ourselves and knew to expect the worst," Charles Berkeley told the [London] Mirror. "We watched as our child died. He was a brilliant boy and a brilliant man."
Graham Berkeley
Joe, 39, was accompanying a colleague, Ann Judge, three teachers, and three sixth-grade students, all from Washington, on the trip.

Ferguson lived on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., for 10 years with Winston, his wire-haired fox terrier. He was born July 25, 1962, in Durant, Miss., and joined National Geographic as an intern in 1987. He later accepted a permanent job and worked there for 14 years. Ferguson was one of the principal architects who designed the infrastructure of geography education, which resulted in the improvement of geography education throughout the United States, according to National Geographic.

"Through his passion and dedication, Mr. Ferguson had become a creative leader of the Society team charged with the enhancing the teaching and learning of geography in American classrooms. The thousands of teachers and students he worked with loved him for it," a National Geography statement read.

"Ultimately, what he did touched over 150,000 students and teachers  and that is just one person," said Ed Kaczmarek, a friend of Ferguson's for 14 years, adding that Ferguson loved working with students. "He loved geography. He worked magic here. He symbolized the ideal of the [National] Geographic and his legacy will live on. We just all loved him so much. He was so full of life."

National Geographics & Ohio University: Articles and Tributes by fellow employees and friends, posted on their website. View letters of Condolences Sent to National Geographics for Joe and Ann. Page #1 Page #2.
Geography educator inspired students

James Joe Ferguson, director of geography education
outreach for the National Geographic Society, was on
American Airlines Flight 77 when it crashed into the
Pentagon. Joe was traveling on a National Geographic
sponsored educational field trip to the Channel Islands
National Marine Sanctuary off Santa Barbara, Calif.
Carol was on her way to Los Angeles for a business trip when the plane crashed. She was the supervisor of marketing support for Medical Information Technology Inc. of Westwood, Mass., a company that sells medical software to health care organizations.
Graham's parents and his brother
share the horrific
moments, as they watched Graham's
Airliner carsh into
the World Trade
Graham Berkeley worked for Compuware as product management director and a professional violinist in Germany and England, the Advocate reported.
Joe and Ann Judge were aboard the Airliner that crashed into the Pentagon
(Photo National Geographics.).
Joe Ferguson
Memorial Service for Graham Berkeley Held on October 12th, 2001 at Grace Church in New York City. View
Chris Berkeley' and Doug Turner's address and links to Graham's Memorial Service posted on MSN.Com.
Guardian Unlimited Article: 'We Watched Our Child Die, Unaware' and BCC News Online Articles: 'UK Relatives Grieve in New York' and 'We watched Our Son Die'. The Memorial Service Addresses, Links and Articles are all posted in this one file.
William 'Bill' Randolph. Wesley Mercer's life partner of 26 years.
Rick Rescorla, head of security, second-in-command, Wesley Mercer and unidentified man, a valiant rescue effort helping to evacuate the World Trade Center. Shortly after the picture was taken, the south tower collapsed. It is presumed they died together. (Photo; BBC News)
A Veteran of Many Cities

Wesley Mercer, vice president of corporate security for Morgan Stanley, had a way of making people feel safe. A quiet man, he often got lost in a noisy crowd. But in times
of crisis, always the one who took charge.
He was helping evacuate employees when the towers collapsed. "It put a hole in my stomach," said his life partner, Bill Randolph. "But I knew that's what he would have done."

At 70, Mr. Mercer had already weathered many of life's crises. A war veteran turned security officer, he was divorced and helped to raise two daughters.
In later years, he lived with Mr. Randolph in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood in Harlem. Mr. Mercer dressed to inspire confidence, and even wore a sports jacket to walk the dog or shop at Pathmark. He did not own sneakers or jeans.
"He always thought the way he carried himself was important," Mr. Randolph said.
(Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 1, 2001.)

Articles: BBC News; "US Attack Hero's Caught on Film", Newsday; "Couples Commited in Life, Death", New York Times; "Partners of Gay Victims Find The Law Calls Them Strangers",
CGI Arcigay Milan; "NY, Pain and Pranks",  Newsday; "Families Give Life to Missing".
Read Articles.
Wesley Mercer
Seamus O'Neil
Many Names, Many Faces

For Seamus Oneal, the idea of having one career and one name was much too timid. By 52, he had worked in five widely different professions, using three different names. As James, he studied drama at the University of Oklahoma, and as Seam, he acted, danced and sang in Off Broadway shows. "It would be fair," said John Oneal, his brother, "to call him a hippie."
The New York Times: "Seamus O'Neil: Many Names, Many Faces"
Human Rights Campaign FamilyNet: "Tom Miller Partner of Seamus O'Neil".
Read Articles.
News Articles Partners Compensation.
*Fund Created To Help 9-11 Gay Families.
*Red Cross Issues Guidelines for Gay Survivors.
*Pressure Include GLBT Families In Federal Compensation.
*State Says No Survivor Benefits For 9/11 Victim's Partner.
View Archives Index.
*Ashcroft Advised on 'Survivor' Definition.
*Frank Calls for Equal Treatment on Federal Remedies for
all Terrorism Victims.
*Include 'Relationship' Compensation 9/11 Partners.
*Gay Dems & Republicans Unite To Support GLBT Families
  of Terror Victims.
View Archives Index.
Tampa Bay Coalition Press Release
"American Gay and Lesbian Partners of 9/11 Victims Deserve Equality in Survivors Benefits".
Luke Dudek
George Cuellar, Luke's Life Partner of 20 Years.
Keeping the Tide In

Luke A. Dudek was forever proud to work at Windows on the World, where he was the food and beverage controller. He had a knack for numbers. Naturally, given the environment, he delighted in fine wine, and it was his custom when his wine glass was empty to remark to the waiter, "My tide is out."

But his special joy was Coqui Designs, the flower business he owned with his life partner, George A. Cuellar. (Coqui is Mr. Cuellar's nickname.) Mr. Cuellar operated the place and was the creative mind behind the designs they did for stores like Bloomingdale's and Gucci, and for countless weddings. The numbers, though, were the province of Mr. Dudek, 50. "He did the books," Mr. Cuellar said. "He did my taxes. He even delivered flowers on the weekends and did weddings. I called him the core of the apple."

Cuellar said his partner loved the business so much that after years of renting space, this year they bought their own property for the business. He said Mr. Dudek spent a week of vacation in September completing renovations. September 11th was supposed to be a day of happiness and achievement for Luke Dudek, 50, and his domestic partner of 20 years, George Cuellar. His first day back to work in New York was Sept. 11. Mr. Dudek, 50, died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.
Chicago Tribute; "THE VICTIMS: Great Dads and Good Guys", New York Times; "Keeping the Tide In",
NJ.com; "Lives Remembered: Luke A. Dudek, 50, Fine Wine and Flowers", Village Voice; "Gay and Lesbian Partners of 9-11 Victims Struggle to Receive Their Benefits Second Class Survivors", The American National Red Cross; "Red Cross Helps Survivors Keep Going". Read Aricles.
Pamela Boyce
Accounting exec 'Not Afraid to Die'

Pamela J. Boyce, 43, is one of only several dozen World Trade Center workers who have officially been confirmed dead, while thousands more remain missing.

Boyce, a resident of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, worked on the 92nd floor of One World Trade Center as assistant vice president of accounting for the New York office of Carr Futures.
Articles: New York Times; "The Human Toll: 'Don't Mourn My Death, Celebrate My Life", "A No-Nonsense Life". Read Articles.
Catherine Anello, Boyce's partner, told the New York Times that Boyce was a
no-nonsense person who wouldn't want her loved ones to be overcome by grief.

"If there was someone who lost a loved one and had been grieving too long, so that they were not living their life, she would say, 'Stop. It's not what they would want. They are in a better place,'" Anello said. "She said, 'I'm not afraid to die because I know where I am going is beautiful.'
Washington Blade News.
Berinthia 'Berry' Berenson
"She was just this angel that landed on this planet for a short amount of time."

That's how actress-model Marisa Berenson describes her sisterBerry Berenson Perkins.
Photographer and the wife of the late actor Anthony Perkins, Perkins was on Flight 11, traveling from her Cape Cod home
to see her sons in Los Angeles.
Our Dear Friends Lost
"She was very spiritual," says actor-director Richard Benjamin, a long-time friend. "I think she felt that it was not right to live the day that you were in. Somehow with such a terrible tragedy she was able to pull herself together for the boys." The boys, twenty-five-year-old Elvis is a musician and 27-year-old Osgood is an actor.

"They're dealing with it in their own way," Berenson says of them. "It's just devastating. How can you deal with losing your father and then your mother in such circumstances?"

As a goodwill ambassador for the European arm of the United Nations, Berenson has helped promote tolerance and peace around the world for years. Her sister's death has made this mission personal.

Articles: CBS News: Travelers On A Flight That Changed The World, Two Young Men Lose A Vibrant Mother.  Gusrdian Unlimted: Accomplished Fashion Photographer and Actor Who Stood by Her Husband Anthony Perkins Through His Aids Crisis. New York Observer; Farewell to Berry Berenson, Who Was In Fact, Beautiful. Read Articles.
David's Family at Memorial Service.
Theresa Charlebois, stands near photograph of her nephew, David Charlebois, co-pilot of the airliner that crashed into the Pentagon.
A Family Gets Tragic News

Theresa Charlebois, 76, said she called her brother around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, soon after she learned of the attacks. A distraught Vivian
Co-Pilot's Family Ties in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON - A Walnut Street woman got the call all people dread Tuesday when her brother phoned to confirm that, as feared, his son had been co-pilot of the hijacked plane that crashed into the Pentagon while flying his regular route.
Charlebois, David's mother, answered. "I can't talk right now," she said. "There are people coming in and out of the house."  Read Articles.
On A Flight That Changed The World, Two Young Men Lose A Vibrant Mother.
William "Tony" Karnes
Native Tennessean, Liked New Things

William "Tony" A.Karnes, 37, was a Native Tennessean and one of those lost when the building he worked in was in was destroyed September 11. Tony was employed as a technology trainer at Marsh & McLennan. He was was at their offices on the 97th floor, of World Trade Center's Tower One, when it was struck by one of the four hijacked airliners.
Tony Karnes was something of an anomaly in New York City. A native Tennessean who grew up on a farm, he was an aficionado of corn dogs, grits, gravy and biscuits. He spoke with a drawl and approached the world with the wide-open friendliness of the rural South.

"He had a very simple beginning in life," said John Winter, his partner of three years. "And he ended up in one of the most sophisticated cities and the most sophisticated buildings in the world."

Despite his background, Karnes was undaunted by the city he lived in.
"He liked new things," Winter said. The couple, who moved here two years ago, took full advantage of what the city had to offer, visiting museums, going to movies, and walking along Battery Park Esplanade, near their apartment. One of their favorite pastimes was simply to walk around Manhattan, sometimes with a guidebook in hand, and take in the sights, smells and tastes on display. Karnes was gradually becoming a lover of art, architecture and classical music and, Winter said, "He got hooked on Mozart."

And then there was food. To thank Karnes for introducing him to the foot-long corn dog, Winter showed his partner Thai and Indian food, and Karnes found he loved the spicy, exotic tastes.

Still, Winter said, "We were a very boring couple. We didn't do any wild things. We were both ready to settle down with somebody and to live with a partner ...We were in it for the long haul."

It's this that makes it so hard for Winter, who says he lost his soulmate.

"If I traveled, he would put a little message or a card in my case, so that when I unpacked in the hotel, I would find it," Winter said. "He was just incredibly thoughtful and very, very caring."

The morning of Sept. 11 was very much like every other morning, Winter said.

"I hugged him and kissed him and told him that I loved him, and he told me that he loved me, and he left
for work," he said.

"There was nothing left unsaid. There was nothing I wanted to say to him or I wanted him to say to me. It was complete."
-- Indrani Sen (Newsday)

John Winter & Family Members at
Tony Karnes Tribute Ceremony
held at Gibbs High School 10/24/01.
Knoxville, Tennessee. .
John 'Jack'  Keohane
Debris Killed Trade Center Onlooker

John Keohane, 41,worked at One Liberty Plaza near the World Trade Center and died when the towers collapsed. After the planes hit the Trade Center towers, Keohane met Mike Lyons, his partner of 17 years, on the street, and called his mother from his cell phone.
A native of San Francisco, Keohane had lived in the New York area for a year. His family asked that memorial contributions be made to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the American Cancer Society, or the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay lobby group.
Articles: The Washington Blade News; Debris Killed Trade Center Onlooker.
PFLAG/NBC, Inc.; Petaluma Mother Recalls Son's Final Words.
Novato Advance; John Keohane Remembered.
National Enquirer; Onlooker Killed When the World Trade Center Collapsed. Read Articles.

Partner of 9/11 Victim Takes His Own Life. Mike Lyons couldn't cope with Jack's death. Read Article.
Philip "Eddie" Paul Ognibere
Eddie Ognibene, 39, of Manhattan, a trader for Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc. for 16 years, died in the World Trade Center disaster on September 11, 2001. Born March 16, 1962 in Brooklyn, then moved to Long Island where he spent his childhood. He later spent many years in Staten Island before settling in Manhattan.

Eddie was a kind, gentle, caring and generous man who was devoted to his family and friends. A sports enthusiast, Philip was also a diehard Yankee and Islander fan.

"Roxy Eddie" (Philip) Ognibene loved life and especially loved softball. He was a bond trader who was on the 89th floor of the World Trade Center when it was attacked Sept. 11; he is missing and presumed dead. A teammate on the Renegades remembers what made "Roxy Eddie" special-OutSports

Articles: OutSports; Big Apple Softball League Mourns `Roxy Eddie' Ognibene.
Read Article .
Michael A. Lepore
Michael A. Lepore of Lawrence Park West, Yonkers died September 11 as a result of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. At the time of his death he was working for Marsh, Inc.

Contributions in Michael's memory can be made to the Zion Episcopal Church Memorial Garden Endowment Fund, the spiritual home he loved so much.

Michael Lepore's friends have been pruning his rosebushes, clearing wayward ivy off stone walls, planting bulbs for next spring. It is the perfect act of kindness,  said Mr. Lepore's partner of 18 years, David O'Leary. Their house and garden in Yonkers had been Mr. Lepore's pride and joy and are now Mr. O'Leary's primary source of comfort.

Articles: The New York Times; A Life of Homey Pleasures.
Newsday.com; He Tended to His garden and To Loved Ones.
The Journal News.Com; Yonkers Man's Generosity, Love of Dogs Recalled at Funeral Service. Read Articles .
Upcoming Vacation Put Attendant on Fatal Flight

Jeffrey Collman, 41, a flight attendant on American Airlines Flight 11, died when the hijacked jet slammed into the North World Trade Center tower in the first attack of September 11.
Keith Bradkowski, Collman's partner, had last heard from him the evening prior to the crash, when Collman called to talk about their upcoming trip.

Collman received the American Professional Flight Attendant Award in 1999, the Mercury News reported. In addition to Bradkowski, the Illinois native is survived by one sister and four brothers. The Washington Blade.

Article: The Washington Post Company; Gay Marrage in the Shade of September 11.
Read Article .
Jeffrey Collman
A three-year employee of American Airlines, Collman had changed to the Boston-Los Angeles route from his normal Boston-San Francisco flights in order to prepare for an upcoming vacation, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Eugene Clark
Larry Courtney and Eugene Clark were partners for 11 years. Clark, 47, worked for Aon Consulting on the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center's south tower. Clark sent Courtney a voice message: "I'm OK. The plane hit the other tower. And we're evacuating." Clark is still missing. -- Victoria Scanlan Stefanakos in The Advocate
From the Terrace

In life, Eugene Clark observed the three D's: dance, drama and divas. He started early: Roberta Flack was his music teacher in Washington, D.C., during the 1960's. He could sing like Jennifer Holliday in the musical "Dreamgirls," he could emote like Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard" and he danced "like Tina Turner," said Larry Courtney, Mr. Clark's partner for the last 13 years. "And he had legs almost as good."

For the last four years, the couple lived in a two-story rooftop apartment on 42nd Street, with a sweeping view of the neon canyons and the bustle of Times Square. It was not that Mr. Clark did not enjoy his work at Aon Corporation, where he was an administrative assistant, but he loved his life away from the office.

He adored "Miss Saigon" and "Les Miserables," cooked southern-style fried cabbage, and collected Waterford crystal decanters and vases.

And then, there was what they called "the Terrace." Mr. Clark, 47, converted the apartment's 10-foot-by-24-foot concrete-slab patio into a thriving terrace garden, laying in lattice work and a fountain. He potted red hibiscus plants, geraniums in hanging baskets, miniature cedar trees, and yellow and burgundy hollyhocks.

From the terrace, guests at their annual New Year's Eve parties could watch the ball drop in Times Square.

Mr. Courtney, who has three children from when he was married, said they came to love Mr. Clark as a family member. Mr. Courtney's daughter, Heather, 28, joined them on a gay rights march in Washington in 1993, carrying a sign that read, "I'm proud of my gay dad and my new step- queen."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 18, 200
Cedeno cited Smith's smile and sense of humor as being among her partner's irresistible features.
The couple, reported the New York Times, was striving toward early retirement and had recently
built a beach house on the Jersey Shore.

Elba Cedeno lost her partner of six years, Catherine Smith, 44, who worked on the 97th floor of one of the World Trade Center towers. They both had wills, which will ease the process of Cedeno taking sole ownership of their home. But Cedeno said she is angry that she will not qualify to receive any of Smith's Social Security benefits. "This was my soul mate. We planned to live the rest of our lives together and retire together," Cedeno said. -- AP via contaxguide.com
Catherine Smith
Photos: Nancy Walsh

Advocate: Her passions were human rights, her Victorian home, and, of course, her partner. Read Article.

The Union Leader: A family is haunted by last fatal minutes. & Caring, fun-loving person recalled at memorial service,  Read Articles.

The Rockingham News: Carol Flyzik of Plaistow dies in plane crashed into World Trade Center. Scholarship to honor Carol Flyzik. & They'll never be the same. Read Articles.
The Washington Blade: A Loss Compounded Partners of September. 11 Victims Encounter Hurdles.

Washington Post: Exclusion Adds to Pain of Loss. Maryland Newsline: University Park Loses Five to Pentagon Disaster. Press release: NOW Blasts Virginia Governor's Denial of Benefits to Domestic Partner of September 11 Victim. Double Dare Press: VIRGINIA IS FOR NOT FOR ALL LOVERS. Pilot Online: Va. won't pay same-sex survivor benefits at Pentagon. Read Articles.
Catherine Smith, a vice president at Marsh & McLennan, was among those killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

The 44-year Smith and her companion, Elba Cedeno, had known each other, in passing, for two decades while frequenting the same bar in the New York City suburb of Rockland County, reported the New York Times.

The women, said the paper, were formally introduced six years ago, and their friendship soon blossomed into love.
Patricia A. McAneney, 50, Pomona, N.Y. Marsh & McLennan Cos.
MCANENEY, PATRICIA A. - Patricia A. McAneney of Pomona, NY, fell victim to the World Trade Center disaster the morning of September 11, 2001. Patricia was the daughter of James G. McAneney and Margaret (Donohue) McAneney. Pat (as she was called) worked as a Claims Examiner for Guy Carpenter, at Marsh & McClellan Co. She was raised in Greenpoint, Brooklyn but had made her home here in Rockland County for more than 20 years. Pat is survived by her loving family, brother James McAneney, sister-in-law Dolores McAneney, three nieces, four grandnephews, two grandnieces and lifetime friend Margaret Cruz as well as many friends all of whom she loved and all who hold Pat dearly in their hearts.
Patricia A. McAneney
Emergency aid kept Margaret Cruz afloat after the loss of her partner of 18 years, Patricia McAneney.
Ms. Cruz documented her finanacially interdependent partnership and prevailed
with the Crime Victim's Board, the Red Cross and the New York State charitable
fund. A total of $80,000 went to Ms. Cruz. McAneney, 50, was the fire marshal of
her floor of 1 World Trade Center, where she worked for the insurance company
Guy Carpenter. -- Jane Gross via Lucy at fiancesof911.

A Wonderful Tribute to Pat by her Life Partner Margaret Cruz, Family, Friends and
a few Articles found on the net.
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Waleska Martinez
Waleska Martinez was 37 years old and worked for the US Census Bureau in New York City, New York. She was born in Puerto Rico and lived in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Waleska and I would go on vacation every year. Our plan for next year was to go to Ibiza, Spain. We spend our years togehter living life to the fullest. We would go to concerts, Broadway and Off- Broadway plays, movies and restaurants. We traveled to a lot of places ranging from local to the Caribbean such as Puerto Rico, her homeland. She has a two-year-old Toy Yorkie, named Gia Marlo. Waleska named her Marlo that stands for our last names, Martinez & Lopez. Waleska and Marlo enjoyed cuddling in front of the fireplace in our apartment.
She was my longtime companion, best friend and soul mate. Survived by her father, Juan, her mother Irma, her brothers Juan Jr. and Reinaldo and her sister Lourdes.

Angela V. Lopez

Statement of Acting Census Bureau
Director William Barron
Regarding The Death of Two Census Bureau Employees Sept. 11

Along with all Census Bureau employees, I am deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic death of two Census Bureau employees who were killed during Tuesday's terrorist attacks. Marion Britton, assistant regional director, and Waleska Martinez, automation specialist, both assigned to our New York regional office, were passengers on the plane that crashed outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. They were both on official travel enroute to an agency meeting.

Our hearts go out to their families and friends as well as to their co-workers. This is truly a sad time for the Census family.
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